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Posted by Ana Castillo on Friday, June 20, 2014 Under: Travel
I am days away from embarking on my new journey to France. Although I will be staying for only a month, I have lots of plans to come back. I picked my area of study because I am very passionate about traveling, which is why I opened up this new section on my site, to share my advice and experiences. I've had three amazing trips in the past year and haven't had the opportunity to share, I will try to do so once I'm back from France. 

For now, I've been keeping myself busy by taking a summer course to kill time, which has been going great! Thank you to those of you that have shared your advice in taking this trip, I am really excited and will try my best to finally kickstart my Youtube Channel to add moving pictures to these memories. There will be tons of pictures to come so come back for more and keep giving me suggestions.

One of the first things I did to ease my travel is purchase an app called Metro Paris Subway for $0.99. I am very particular when it comes to traveling and one of my first go to places is a map. When I went to Denver, Colorado last year I was hooked on Google Maps finding my way around simply because I don't like to stop and ask questions. When you get lost you learn more because you find your way back and know it well for the second time. While here in New York, my favorite app to use is the Next Stop App, which is now priced at $2.99 (It was free when I got it). This app, like the Metro Paris Subway app, gives you updates throughout the hour to know what trains are running with delays, what incidents have happened or what schedule changes will take place. 

If you ask me, these are great ways to be prepared and also learn! 


Note** I have an Iphone 5- I'm not 100% sure of the availability of these apps in other devices but it doesn't hurt to try. Remember, always read reviews before hitting "Purchase"!

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