Why Donna Summer is and Iconic Figure

Posted by Ana Castillo on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Under: Music
I have been fan of Donna Summer since my youth and till this day it is pretty heartbreaking for me how her death went unnoticed. This proves to me that well behaved women rarely make history, But why? The media continuously pushed and shoved the lifestyle and choices of Whitney Houston and she is still being mentioned today. 
Now don't get me wrong, I love Whitney, her voice is amazing beyond imaginable, I can't even begin to picture how amazing she'd sound live, but Donna was amazing as well and not to mention she was around way before Whitney debuted to the world. Just like the many women we idolize today, these great Icons made their mark in history and set a path for new singers to follow. 
One way to look at it is that Whitney died in addiction she was known to have for years, while Donma died of cancer, and since I am majoring in Media, I know how important it is to make a headline. Cancer has proven to be the common cause of death for many celebrities and people in general but for a headline to say "Her addiction drove her to her death" will be more eye-catching to readers than "She died after battling cancer for years".
Now this just makes me question where our values lie. Why do our media outlets continue to ruin the image of people that are victims of their own addiction? It is certain that the readers are the enablers because now social media is allowing them to input their comments that tend to be degrading to their image. 
But Donna Summer will continue to be an icon, despite the fact that still today, we have no honorable mention of her. She was a Five time grammy winner, with hits songs we still hear in radio stations, parties and hit movies. There is no doubt that when someone mentions the 70's you will be likely to remember Donna and her hit singles, "Bad Girls", "Hot Stuff" and my all time favorite "Dim all the lights". 
Donna continuously put out records, showcasing her love and passion for music and even at the time of her death she was still working on more projects. and although her last record reached the Billboard 200, weeks later it dropped. It is safe to say (at least from my point of view) that America moved on from Donna (at least the media did). But in-spite of this she continued working and doing what she loved and that is what makes her very iconic.

May 17, 2014 will make two years since Donna Summer's death. I am saddened that she was never given the respect she deserved but no matter what she will always be my inspiration and my reason to sing. 


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