Waves, Sand and what lies within

Posted by Ana Castillo on Saturday, April 3, 2010
There's words that evaporate with the air
Smiles that last longer in your heart than in your life time
But then there's happiness you wish to carry everyday.

 Is wishing that your foot prints don't fade away
As you walk on the hot sand in the beach...
That each mark that you make remains forever
Making the days longer as the sun shines above your hair

Your eyes become as pale as the strikes of the sun
Tears are invisible with the sight of water... almost impossible
Heart beats as fast a running boat.

El corazon, the feelings
Undergoing a change with the waves...
Sitting on the warm sand as the sun is setting
Even the existence of the most contemptuous things no longer matter

As the smile of the day dims, it's no longer obvious that the day existed
All is left to do is scrooch away and wait for the melody to start again...

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Yours Truly

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