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Posted by Ana Castillo on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
    This upcoming weekend My Key Clubbers and I will walk for Multiple Sclerosis and Premature babies in the "MS walk" and the "March of Dimes".
    Join us in attempts to end these terrible illnesses that badly affect most of our populations on earth, remember you never know if someone closest to you or even yourself may be the one in need of this assistance. Do something for everyone and make yourself feel much better. 
    The MS walk will be this Saturday, April 30, 2011 in the South Street seaport. The site will open at 8 am and the walk will begin at 9:30 am going all the way until 2pm. This year they are offering to walk either 3 miles or 6 miles once again, and from experience, the 6 mile walk is much more enjoyable since you get to walk across the brooklyn bridge and see the beautiful neighborhoods of the area. They will also be serving a light breakfast, but It's best to eat something before hand and bring a donation to help the cause. The deadline for registration is this Wednesday April 27 at 12 noon. 

Here's a link to a picture of the Route Map for the NYC South street seaport walk: 

The March of dimes will be on Sunday May 1st at a new location this year in the Lincoln center area on 62nd st. and columbus ave. The registration time starts at 8:30 am while the walk begins at 10 am. Once again the walk will not be as long as walks for other causes. The March of dimes will be 3.5 miles, a similar distance to last year's walk in Van cortland. One of last year's pre-walk activities were awards and words from parents that have premature babies and how the walk has benefitted both their child and their life. There was also a fitness instructor that helps everyone warm up their bodies prior to beginning the walk. 

So if you haven't registered for the walk, TIME IS TICKING!

Here are the links to join our team page, keep your heads up and do something good for somebody!!
MS walk:
March Of dimes:

If your want to join the cause and your not in the tri-state area visit these websites 
Ms. walk: www.Nationalmssociety.com
March of dimes: www.marchofdimes.com

Failure to Register prior to the event will require you to register at the walk the day of the event (which involves a long line). 

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