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Posted by Ana Castillo on Thursday, March 18, 2010 Under: Blog
My mind is clouded
There are times when I feel
As though the chaos of the world
Re-occurs inside of me.
Just when one problem is solved
Another one takes on.

There's a highway with 20 lanes
It takes me finishing one to discover
where the other one will go.
There is one lane that I always take
One i always go back to.
As much as I try to forget it
It indulges my deepest concerns.

It makes me forget about the other lanes.
It makes me wish things were
as before I started traveling.
But although things do not repeat themselves
The rhymes aren't as great as the very beginning.
If I had the power to merge all the lanes
my problems wouldn't be solved
There will be more chaos.

No longer will I reach that road that has
my heart tied down to it's paved road.
That although the traffic light is red I 
seem to miss the light and get caught doing wrong.
My heart want's to keep striving even though its wrong.

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