The sleep less year

Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Under: Blog
A journey begins
awaiting excitement, 
a continuation from what was previously done.
Is not as easy as it seems...

On day one, there's a fulfillment of joy.
But is not long before things start to change
Not necessarily something good. It's reality

The first thing you realize is that there's not enough time
You fucked up yesterday, but it'll just keep haunting you
As the days progress, more problems crawl up from behind
Caught up in a web, your tied down by the spider

Will you be the feast of the night?
Or will you overcome all the obstacles that are coming?
It's claws are very sharp, and a simple touch can make you weep
It's not really your choice, your gonna end up there regardless
As it approaches, your trapped, you can't seem to set free
The nerves run signals down your spine, your so hung up 
that every time you open your eyes and look at yourself
you look more and more defeated.

It's coming, are you ready?
Your sweating, your helpless, It's too powerful
Are you strong enough, are you ready?
The finish line is approaching, but have you given any though
To what extends beyond the finish line?
Will it be worst?

Your getting uncaught from the web, but the spider can still chase you
 Your still bleeding from its claws, and then you see there's more 
It's chasing you... But will it ever go away?
365 days are not enough to make it go away
 It's endless, Your so focused on running away
that you forget who you are, and what your letting go off along the way
But the only thing that can help you manage is getting ahead
This is the year, the only year, the one that feels like a mistake

Every choice you make matters, 
that spider is always behind you,
And there are always obstacles along the way

Whatever stays behind doesn't matter, one step back can cause you everything

The game is soon over, but it will resume again
It will take on and duplicate
Make you feel abhorrent
Never the less, Your alone...
Even if you feel accompanied
you will always be alone,
The choice is yours, and nothing else matters....

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