The Mirror

Posted by Ana Castillo on Thursday, November 27, 2014 Under: Poetry
Eyes wide open
Open field
Field of flowers
Flowers of love
Love of lust
Lust for him
Him being wrong
Wrong for me
I see the past.
Past voices.
Voices that speak.
Speak loud and scream
Scream to forget
Forget those reflected
Reflected in the mirror.
Mirror of imagination
Imagination of the young
Young and innocent
Innocent and unaware
Unaware of the world.
World of evil
Tears pouring down
Down on lost trust
Trust to not break promises
Promises that are consumed
Consumed with lies
Lies that creep
Creep through the eyes
Eyes of friends
Friends who are foes
Foes who talk badly
Badly with hate
Hate from envy
Envy from pain
Pain. Pain from home.

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