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Posted by Ana Castillo on Thursday, September 1, 2011 Under: Blog
Stuck in this situation 
Several options
what decision to make?

There are so many options
Each with a price, unaffordable 
Yet. We want it all... 

Sitting there, hopelessly.
Then waiter comes

You must be sitting there, undecided.
As he bites his anger through his teeth.
Not necessarily what he went to school for
But it's what keeps him alive, For now.

Minutes pass, he comes back, and your still not ready.
Time is ticking, and it's soon closing time.
Sweat running through his forehead 
Making its way down to his face.
A clear desire to go home and end his shift.

Then finally, You ask for his suggestion.
He pushes through all those desires 
To dissatisfy you,Insult you, Embarrass you
And suggest you have the Lasagna.

Considering his suggestion, you choose the Pasta.
Minutes later, you deny that you ever did order it.
He's down the drain with the situation.
At this rate the job no longer matters;
He's overwhelmed with frustration, Anger.

But there you were, taking advantage of time.
Not willing to take a risk and trying something new. 

Just questioning what if, not caring of the ones that wait

But how should you know what to pick.
So many great options, such a short budget.
This is all new to you, this place, the food, the people.
Yet your afraid to ask, question.

Instead you throw yourself in the water, 
Without knowing how deep it is.
Go out of your way and ruin somebody's day, intentionally.
Not for sure, but if that's the case it wouldn't matter. 

Every bad choice, like any good one, has it's consequences.
But you should've just remember to make his day easier by ordering a drink
And an appetizer... 

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