The Bad Boys of America

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It is no secret that many celebrities in America Idolize bad boys of the past as influential people or simply the badass that they were. Some notable names that I've constantly heard many names via rap songs on my iPod and two that have stuck out the most are James Dean and John Gotti. My question is, what makes these men and all the others worth mentioning? And even more now that one of the most searched for criminal, el chapo, is put behind bars.

John Gotti 
John Gotti was born in the Bronx (NY) and according to he was charged with manslaughter and other crimes before becoming the leader of the Gambino Crime Family. His son, John Gotti Jr. made headlines last November when he was stabbed while trying to stop a fight outside of a CVS drugstore in Long Island. 
But lets focus on his father again, whom at the age of 14 joined a gang called the "Fulton Rockaway boys" and set the beginning of a lifetime of crime. It wasn't until 1973 that he committed his first murder (He was born on 1940) and continued on for another decade. 
But I think the reason why people find him amazing is his level of invincibility; all this crime history and still no evidence to permanently lock him behind bars? Although he was eventually caught after being ratted out by the Gambino's new underboss (Who was pressured by the police) Sammy Gravano, it is quiet interesting to see how long he carried his invincibility. One wonders, what would be of the crimes from this family if Gotti was not imprisoned? 

James Dean 
Unlike Gotti, James Dean was not a real life Bad Boy, but he played the role well on the screen. Although he was killed at the young age of 24 in a car crash, there is no doubt that his bad boy image takes a woman's breath away even today. Dean starred in numerous roles that began to shape his career, but it wasn't until he played the role of Jim Stark in "Rebel without a cause" that he established his image in the U.S. 
But it is still questionable how a man like Dean could have as much an influential reputation as a real mobster. Dean was this person only when he was on TV (Although being a race car driver while off-screen is pretty bad-boyish as well) but Gotti lived this life everyday. 
Now I haven't seen any of Dean's film, but being a James Bond fan since the age of 5, I can see how the womanizing image that these men portray can be considered sexy today. James was a spy desired by many woman, but also a very clever man handling his weapons and crime-fighting. There is no doubt that Sean Connery will forever remain in my list of bad boys- simply because he played this role so well.

Now my question is, is this a good thing for our culture to have? Film plays a large role in the way we view other people and issues, and there is no doubt that many of the celebrity figures on the screen today are well aware and are trying too hard to do the same. Isn't it sexier when a bad boy is bad very effortlessly instead of just showcasing to the world his intentions to be one by fighting papz and slamming cameras to the ground?

What's your take on this?

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