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Produce of light 
Following everywhere
Who are you?
Why do you follow me?
Wake when I awake 
But leave when I sleep

Are you the protagonist of my dreams?
I cannot see me when I close my eyes
And Enter this Nocturnal world.
I see you, dark shadow
Carrying my emotions

Are you observing my actions?
Punishing me for the wrongs.
Reminding the sorrows to coexist with Happiness. 
You are.
Always there beside me.

I never startled at your existence
Only the first time I met you.
I do not recall. 
Yet, never do you remind me. 

Whom gives you right?
It must be you in my dreams,
For I can never see my face.
Or is it that when I wake I still cannot?
No, your shadow Overpowers.

I see no hands
I see no legs
I feel though. 
I worry. When I wake.
Think about where you took me. 
Where we went

You don't reveal yourself
Not until my day begins
And you leave when it ends.
But I must express my gratitude
For you accompany all
Even those who cannot see. 

Protagonist of Daydreams
Reliving the moments I can't
Causing both plain and pleasure
Why do we always feel lonely?

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Tags: shadow  poetry  identity  free thinking 
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