Self-Control: An App to Control your Social Media Usage

Posted by Ana Castillo on Friday, January 24, 2014 Under: Media
 Have you ever had to write a paper in the middle of the night that was close to being due and despite hammering yourself down at the library to finish, you somehow get sidetracked into social media? 
In this day and age, I truly admire those people that are indifferent about having a part in social media. As much as I've tried to stay away, school brings me back to it since I am a Media Studies major. I was successfully out of Facebook for about a year until I became and RA and made it to stay in contact with my residents and other people from my old college. 
I was also out of instagram for some time until one of my coworkers talked me into getting back into it. It takes about 21 days to make something a habit, so it was easy for me to not even think about it, but once getting back the same issues abrupt. 
There is now this amazing app called Self-Control it enables users to block all websites for a maximum of 24 hours. You have the option of either Blacklisting or Whitelisting web-pages. Blacklisting means that for the set number of hours you apply, your computer will not have any access to any of the websites that you add to the list. Whitelisting would only allow you to go on the websites that are on the list and nothing else. 
A little timer then appears in your screen and your programs, if you close them you will be less tempted to even touch it. Regardless, you can't really turn it off once it starts. 
Despite the fact this won't stop you from checking these sites on your smartphone, it is a great way to strictly focus on your assignments and get them done on time. I found this app for mac users but I am sure it is also available for windows users as well as iPhone users. 

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