Road Full of Crosses

Posted by Ana Castillo on Friday, July 1, 2011
I married the girl full of scars
The one that stood by despite how far
Her blemished flourished from within
My words kept her alive like a remedy
Seasons of deaths had past
Festivities and words 
Words that could not make her stop
A train came to wreck what she had
She stood up by the sides 
Another nail trusted by a war
Happiness was her eagerness
But her eagerness didn't evoke what she hoped
Blood, red like the deep cut, blood
All from inside, all huddled in
She's loyal, she feels, she doesn't reveal
No one, she knows, Blood
It will be the end of her
The beginning of he
And the lost of they

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Yours Truly

Ana Castillo Media Studies Major at Queens College Photographer, Writer and Enthusiast The world is my my book, I edit the pages.
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