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There is a far difference between Retail Therapy and Working Retail.

hile both are really frustrating, therapy is far more relieving than working retail. The perks of retail therapy; you can spend as much money as you want (depending on your bank account) and forget about all your problems. But working retail is the biggest pain in the behind when you don't have a reliable team. 
While working retail, you have to deal with both rude and polite customers. Rude customers are overwhelming because they act as thought you're their servant instead of an aid to help them find what they're looking for. Nevertheless, wether your on register or on the floor, someone will bitch at you for their own incoherence in the world of retail. For example, several times during my work week I had to deal with people that asked me to find a matching piece of jewelry in the stock room. I did so (not out of the kindness of my heart) and after all the looking, they didn't buy it. There's also the customers that throw a fit when you ask them to show identification while paying with a credit card.
Newsflash: if your visiting the United States from another country, you should be wise enough to know you should  carry around a form of identification. If something happens to you (your found injured or dead), the police is going to  need some way to contact your relatives or your country. 
Tip: Don't let catty mouth customers insult you, you're not a slave or any less educated than they are.  Always stand up for yourself because no one else will.
To put it in simple words, your worthless and replaceable to management and some jobs tell you that on the spot. There's a lot of people that attain a management position without even deserving it. The sad reality is that is not about how hard you work to earn your place, is how much the people on top like you or how much ass you kiss to get there. There are way too many people that I met while at work that deserved a top position but those who were already on top would just speak badly of them behind their backs and pretend they were their friends while around.
The only thing I can say about working retail is that it reminded me of high school. There's gossip, there's judgement, there's nosy people, there's thirsty guys AND girls and overall you have to be comfortable with all these nonsense to tolerate it. 

What's your take on employment?

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