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Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Under: Fitness
After three long months of therapy, I am finally getting back into where I left off in my insanity workout. I could have easily abandoned my progress and started off a new workout routine, but I am just the kind of person that likes to finish whatever it is they started. 
To briefly mention my therapy situation, when I was seven years old I fell off of a tree and fractured both my spinal chord and neck. Due to my living conditions, I never told my mother about the incident, in fact she did not even remember it happening. Last summer, I decided to visit a chiropractor thanks to a Groupon that I came across online. 
I had X-rays done shortly before college in which the doctor told me my spinal chord was not straight, I knew it was due to this fall but I did not know how serious it was until I visited the Chiropractor. 
To make a long story short, both my neck and spinal chord were twisted which was the cause of my posture problems all these years ( slouching, inability to sit or stand up straight, etc.). I started therapy late since I was not able to find another Chiropractor who took my insurance. 
Once I found a chiropractor I stopped doing insanity because I was instructed to care for my back and not do any workouts that would cause me further damage.
Now that my therapy is nearly done (My neck is fixed), I got the okay from my chiropractor to resume my workout. So I am starting off where I left off, the Fitness test in month-two. I thought this would be extremely hard, but I got results close to my last fitness test. 
Now I know that you are supposed to progress and get higher results, and I was not proud of my results to begin with but I think picking up close to where I was after three months its pretty decent. Once I am finish with these next four weeks, I will begin a new workout and I will also start taking care of my eating habits. 
This year I want to focus a little more on my health because this whole experience left me a little scare. So instead of working endlessly to have money to spend, I will work on bettering my health a little more.

Stay tune for some updates!!

Here are some First month progress pictures of Insanity:

Disclaimer: I didn't change my eating habits while doing the workout, which is something I intend to do now that I'm back on it. Your diet plays a big role in how much results you will get. I was often really bloated because of this which made me feel like I wasn't making progress but it wasn't the case.
My abdominal muscles are really strong and I can see my abs when I flex, but if I do not fix my diet then this process will take much longer, which I don't mind but like I said, Health comes FIRST

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