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 It's probably been a couple of months since you've graduated and nothing has come up, but don't lose hope. Remember that if you don't keep trying no one else will do it for you.
 Before I get into any discussion, let me start by sharing this amazing site I stumbled upon today; 
The mission of this website is to help current or graduating college students land a job that pertains to the major they study or are planning to study. It looks for both internships and jobs.
Now, I haven't found any success stories from the website but from the feedback given by employees at the website, they don't really do much to find you a job. However, through using this site, you have the ability to narrow down what field you would like to stick to within your area of study. 
Now while most of us don't want to get stuck working retail for the rest of our lives, we should keep in mind that there is a lot to learn from it. In all honesty, working retail the past three year has given me a greater understanding of what it is like to "work endless hours to make someone else richer." This is therefore why there are so many pyramid schemes out in this city taking one innocent bystander at a time.
But my point is, if you don't have any form of experience on your resume it is the same as not having an immunity to a disease. With experience you build tolerance in working with people that think that they are always right and fail to put themselves in the shoes of the person that they are dealing with. Working retail has taught me to be a lot more selfless than what I was already because not only do employees have to deal with self-entitled customers but also management that only cares about eliminating the common denominator that posts a threat to maintaining their position. 
All in all, if you decide not to work retail (EVER), I hope you at least attended a very big and diverse High School because that will at least give you a taste of what is like to work within a huge company.

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