Plantain Chips

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My new Favorite Snack.
I always buy these at the Grocery store when I get home from School or before work. Instead of spending a dollar on a small bag I decided to just do it myself.
I bought a couple of plantains and threw in a pinch of salt and voila, Plantain chips.

If you want to make these yourself make sure you slice them very thin.
You can put them in a zip log bag and eat them on the go or have them as a snack after a long day. 

To make this you will need:
2 Green Plantains (Platanos Verdes)
1 Pinch of Salt
Olive Oil

When purchasing the Plantains, you have to make sure they are Green Plantains. Sweet Plantains will not have the same crunchy taste of the Green Plantains, instead they will be much softer. It takes practice to learn to cut plantains the right way, It took me a long time until my sister showed me a great trick when I was younger that I've been using till this day. 

The more thin you cut the plantains the faster they will cook. You can either cut them round or a long strips. I personally like the longer strips although the round strips are easier to cut. 
1. Begin to cut the plantain and set some olive oil in a pan to warm. You should decide the amount of olive oil you will use once you see how thin you cut your plantains. I usually pour a little bit of oil and add more as I find necessary. 

2. After cutting the Plantains, begin to fry in hot oil. Never leave the stove as they will fry very fast and can burn quickly. When they have a yellowish color you can proceed to flipping them over. 

*Note: I cooked long strips in this occasion, I didn't put many strips on the pan since it would make it more difficult to turn to the other side. 

As your done cooking, put the plantains inside a container that is round. Cover the container with a Bounty Paper Towel(Or any other brand) and then begin placing the already cooked plantain chips inside. This will help drain the oil from the chips. 

Once the oil is drained you can add your desire amount of salt and use the Paper Towel to evenly distribute the salt by shaking the chips in it. 

Your all done! 

Don't worry about the burnt chips, they often taste just as good as the well cooked ones. 

Hope you like this recipe, there's more to come! 


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