Optimism Vs. The Pessimist

Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 Under: Blog
He thinks that I won't make it far
Always looking at the negatives in life
How the next one fell and the previous didn't raise

I'm built from stone to sustain the heat
Embellished with scars to demonstrate my journey
The finish line doesn't symbolize where I stop,
It's a pure reminder of my accomplishments

I'm not made of rubber, but my abilities can stretch
I believe in myself, I believe I've done well
That's all I need

A man is set upon your path to undermine your abilities
Make you believe your making the wrong decisions
But the time of for the egotistic is gone.
Knowledge overpowers the brain of the feminine figure
she's unstoppable, capable and amiable
And that's all she needs to get ahead

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