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Posted by Ana Castillo on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 Under: Summer 2012
With all the un-relatable websites out there, it seems there's no solution to help us females shop freely online.
It's very exciting to see clothing online and be motivated to buy it, but the figures we're seeing are nothing close to our shapes and sizes. 
I often find myself in this situation, I go online to shop and find several clothes that I like. However, once I take a closer look at the clothes and see the views from different angles I don't want to buy them anymore. A high percentage of the models online are TOO SKINNY. So much that it gets to the point that since I am so disgusted by their body I choose not to buy the clothes. I've taken the liberty to email several stores because of this but nothing is ever done. However, I've taken it upon myself to find ways to make my shopping experience more exciting. 
Forever 21 is one of the most popular inexpensive stores these days, in fact it is my favorite store. I see this problem with the Skinny models here as well, it is very obvious that these girl's bodies are photoshopped. There are occasions in which they look darker or lighter in one picture in difference to another or that their waist is smaller in one than the previous.
My goal here is not to criticize the poor judgement of these websites. There is something I've seen different in Forever 21, now people can rate and post pictures of the items of clothing they purchased to share with others who are thinking of buying them. Users are allowed to give information on the quality of the product as well as their experience buying it. 
Stores also give you the option of returning things and exchanging it. Although I have never followed with this process, we should all take advantage of it. But my point is, you should't be afraid to buy something because the person modeling it looks extremely disgusting, sometimes you have to try it out for yourself because you know your own figure. Let's be fearless!!  

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