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Posted by Ana Castillo on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Under: 2012
In appreciation of the world;
There are many things we must take into consideration.
There is no such thing as Unanimous, we are separated by desires and values.
We are not perfect and we are certainly not as considerate as we should be. 

We say, things we don't mean
We feel, things we don't actually feel
We hunger, everything that isn't important to our well being.

Nothing we consider important actually is.
It is only important because we make it so, right?
The love of my life can be your worst nightmare,
My high accomplishments may cause you happiness but also envy. 

Mercy, they say, will avenge all wrong actions

Will allow second chances.
But second chances are not deserved.
Not if it means holding on to the pass.
Not if we must keep reminiscent. 

In : 2012 

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