Ode To my Grand-daddy

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Written: May 5, 2006

Though I never me him
He was so sweet.
I know him from all the stories
My father told me.
It's amazing in so little time
I've learned a lot about this guy.
He worked for hours and long days.
But still he had time to come and play.

On every Birthday he went to the store
And bought a cake with much love.
The food was expensive and so were the clothes.
But he still came with something small.
His kids weren't happy
Because of the war
But with his protection
They managed to go.
One almost died-
My father. He was
Saved by an angel sent by god.

This man risked his life
Though it wasn't my granddaddy.
But thanks to that guy my daddy is happy.
Now today I sit wondering, thinking.
Why was it me that never met him?
But then I remember it's not only me
My brother and sister and all of us six
Not forgetting my baby sister
She hadn't been born by then.

We all have not met
That really great man.
The one and the only.
The kisses and smiles
He gave to his kids.
The hugs and the joy
He gave to his wife.
This man who I love
And will never meet.
But wait just a minute
I did meet him jeez!

It wasn't in real life 
It wasn't in a dream
It was in that picture 
Hanging next to me.
Whenever I walk
To my living room
There's that big portrait
Of the man we love.
The man that once tried,
The man that once hoped,
The man that's still living,
On my heart's big soul.

That man that I love
That man that I need
That man was my granddaddy
And he's here to live.
To live in my soul
To live in my heart
To live in the memories
I've never had.
Memories of him
Memories of us
Also the family
That once had broken up.
But now's when we need
His helpful advice
The advice that my father
Had once not denied.
This man is the best
This man is my heart
This man is my Granddaddy
Oh god! Bring him back
I've never met him
But someday I will
Just like these pictures
That hang in me
The pictures close to me
Inside my house
It's like he's there
Guarding my soul.

I didn't meet you.
But I do love you.
I wonder what's like 
To have a grandfather
Yet I lost two
And need them both.
For good or for bad.
For real or for fake
But why was I tested
With this ugly test?

Oh god! what's it like
To have that great man,
A granddaddy for stories
A granddaddy for love
The one that hugs you
When you're cold
But god I believe you
And I always will
I know I'll experience
To have that great need
The need of a grandfather
To know my great needs.
For now I'll just speak 
And hear of the man.
The one I will meet 
The day of my death. 

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