No end

Posted by Ana Castillo on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Under: Blog
I surrender to the memories that crawl up on my brain
Sometimes it seems like and endless disaster
Is it possible to dream so much and get hung up in the illusion?
I swore one day, I would do things your way.

At times, I feel like I failed you.
12 years old now 18
I think...
Think. Why did I ever stop?
It stuck in my head like a squids tentacle.

I never though I would carry this for so long
It burns. It doesn't seem real. And it isn't.
Maybe one day, but did that day already come?

Sometimes living in the past prevents you from looking.
Realizing, it isn't now. It was so good.
But good doesn't always last forever.

It doesn't tame failure.
I have failed at keeping this feeling what it always was.
But how can I? 
I was always alone...

Sometimes I feel like you went on a war
And I keep refusing to accept that you died in it...

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