My Bloody Valentine

Posted by Ana Castillo on Friday, February 10, 2012 Under: Blog
Put your heart inside me
I'm trying so hard to
Leave the pain behind me

Standing at the edge of the sky
Thinking time. Let it go by.
"Hey there!" You said
You asked for my name
You asked for what made me turn 
Turn this way.

Guy. Guy I don't know you.
Why do seek to hurt those below you?
This is time. Time I spent.
Spent with you, not one cent left. 

"Hello" I said. I asked if you'd love me.
Yes you said, you said yes. 
Your primitive, your goal, the reason to wake.

"Marry me" you offered, you offered to me.
To leave all choices behind.
And run away with thee. 
Yes I said, Yes I will go.
I will run with you despite it all.

Face my fears, with my face.
Drown my sorrows, sorrow less. 
Today is the day that we meet.
Today is that tragic fourteen.

Don't hesitate to cry when you die.
When you die cry with sorrow.
Let your eyes be taken by fear.
Fear this again; My face. 

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