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I've been giving a lot of though about this the past week, and we all wonder what is the secret to live a perfect life. Although there is no such thing a perfect life, there's something called "Change". This doesn't mean you have to change the way you are to please everyone else, it means that you should think about the things that bother you before making a big deal about them. 

1. Don't always do favors for others. 
Why?-- Well, at one point you will find yourself handling everyone else's business but your own. People will always sugar code things to make you say yes (ie. They will offer to pay you). Otherwise you will find yourself doing favors for people in particular for the rest of your life without being able to say no to an already established routine.
2. Don't get angry at your parents.
Why?-- I'm probably beginning to sound insane, but your parents will always be there for you. (When your cat dies, when your BF/GF dumps you, when you fail your test, when your best friend back-stabs you, etc.) Give your folks a little more credit. They may come across as nagging and annoying now but guess what? Your gonna be the same way with your kids wether you want to or not. Parents want the best for their kids and they want them to have a better experience in life than they did. 
3. Stop thinking so much about the past.
Why?-- This should be pretty obvious, What's the point of wasting your time wishing you had done things different, when you could just continue with the life your having and make things happen? I know a little birdie that always talks about his years as a teenager and how many women he used to date at once. At one point in your life, the crazy things that you do will be nothing but a fond memory, and they should remain that way. Nobody wants to sit there listening to your experiences, because lets be realistic, the only one that enjoyed living through them was you. So, kick the past to the curve, celebrate the present, and carry a positive attitude towards the future.
4. Don't get angry.
Why?--- This is probably my favorite rule, since I easily get angry. Before you spill out of control and start cutting people out your life, begin to think about how serious the situation is (This will only take you 5 seconds). Then you will realize is not that serious, (Your still breathing, you can still walk, you can still scream in a high pitched tone) so why stress it? We tend to exaggerate over the most insignificant things, at one point is good to stop and think about why they affect us. It is much more easier to be happy than to be angry, this makes waking up every morning a joyful experience. Even if you hate your job, you choose to do it and there are many opportunities to perform the one you truly love. Make happiness your number one choice in life.
5. Don't showcase your problems in public.
Why?--- This shouldn't even be a question, NOBODY wants to go online to read about your damn problems. Isn't it bad enough that we're always bombarded with the stupidities that celebrities do? There are so many attention seekers on the web that post tweets, pictures or Facebook statuses about their stalkers, obsessed ex-lovers, recent purchases, trips to the bathroom, and most disturbingly, criticizing other people's way of life. NewsFlash; before you criticize the life someone else is living, you should take a look at yours and wonder if your even one to talk. There are so many people in this world that live in an annoying irony. These are the people that need to wear blinders like horses and only look ahead instead of whatever the hell is going on around them. At the end of the day, nobody cares about your life, people have their own problems. Just because you don't want Rihanna to get back with Chris Brown doesn't mean she won't do it. You get my analogy?
Well that's about it for now, if I hit a nerve post a comment down below. If you want to read some more advice, by all means. Check back for more, one blog a week is my goal! 

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