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Posted by Ana Castillo on Thursday, January 30, 2014 Under: Lifestyle
Are you a heavy spender? Do you find it hard to keep track of how much money your spending every month? Are you concerned about a good credit score? Well Mint is the site for you! should be a site everyone signs up to, why? Because it is the best way to see where your money is going now and where it has been going since you ever opened a bank account. 

Mint is a trusted website in which you can input your credit card information along with your loans or any other account that you may have in order to keep track of your debt and payments. The great thing about mint is that you can also set personal goals which you wish to meet in a set period of time. 
For instance, if you want to buy a specific car four years after college, you can search the make while setting your goal and find out how much money you need to save monthly in order to be able to pay in full in four years. You can also see how long it will take you to pay your loans because mint calculates it for you and also makes suggestions on how much you should pay in order to avoid interest accumulating. 

Mint also makes a monthly pie chart in which it breaks down your monthly spendings (Clothes, food, transportation, etc.) and it allows you to ground yourself to spend a set amount of money monthly by setting a goal. 
Lastly, mint also gives you your credit score (if you intend to buy you own home in the future its good to maintain it high) and tells you your net worth based on how much you have spent, how much you have saved and how much you owe.
And to make things even better, mint sends you reminders about when your upcoming bill payment is approaching, when your statement is available and how much more you have left to pay from your credit card or loans. It is like having your own personal assistant (For Free!!).

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