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Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Under: Media

People are complaining that Macklemore used his time on the AMA's to address the issue of Racial Profiling in our country rather than giving thanks to whomever helped him produce his record.

But Macklemore is the one artist that actually cares about world issues, and he uses his fame to motivate others instead of promoting names. I applaud him, I applaud his lyrics because he shows thats not everybody that grows up with everything is ignorant. 

Its the people that speak against him that are ignorant. Even the viewer that said he should've mentioned the knockout game, racial profiling applies because the jewish community is the one primarily being attacked. 

The topic of race; something that manny rappers talk about negatively instead of a influential form. 

He deserved his AMA's and whoever was mad that Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar didn't win, maybe you should think about your values rather than praising people that don't care about your well being but instead build their own empire to make profits!

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