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Before the society came the civilization
When two were forbidden to love
But their bond was even greater 
when their veins met at the palm of their hands.

Like the Virtruvian man
They were one
But their worlds touched different ends
A life round and easy
Another straight a direct

Love a man with wealth
The educated woman
Your a nobody
Your love has no future

But together they held hands
Ran away-saved
Although most romances end in tragedy
The only Tragedy was to disobey

Free like the mountains
Deep like the seas
Fruitful like the gardens
Steeper than the streets

Only they can define the feeling
They'll just assume
Be sad- To the unknown
Strength of love 

The blood continues to pump from their hearts
Join with their hands through the passionate nights of love
Eventually fruiting to someone beautiful 

Love. Not Tragedy. Love.
Isolation-For the making of one

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