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My mom has been a hair stylist since the age of 20; thanks to my Grandma taking her to classes since age 13, my mom became very passionate about the field. Since I was a little girl, my mom has always cared for my hair and it's very hard for me to let anyone else besides her touch it. However, even though she did a lot to keep my hair healthy, I also did a lot to damage it. 
My Journey

Before I started High School, my hair was very long and healthy and I had no desire to event think of touching it due to all the compliments I got on it. However, Once I started High School my desire to change my image began and I asked my mother to cut my hair into layers. It was only my freshman year of High School and with all the magazines of looks my mother had, I found layers to be the most amazing. Soon I started looking up styles online and was intrigued about how nice "Scene Hair" looked. That's when I began asking my mother to dye my hair black. Everything was fine at this point, but then I wanted to have even more layers. My hair is naturally curly and most of the layers I saw online were done on naturally straight hair, little did I know it was best for me not to go into such extremes. By my sophomore year my beautiful long hair was gone, I got the layers I wanted but my hair was now shoulder length. 

 I didn't stop at this extreme, my mother began to suggest I get highlights since it was something most teenagers usually requested. I never really liked the look but I gave it a try and a month later I asked her to dye it fully black again since I hated the look. During my Junior year I really wanted to dye my hair a Chocolate Brown since I was deeply in loved at how it looked in Hillary Duff's hair. My hair was now red, since it was already dyed black this was the color I attained as a result. The black hair dye has three colors in it and one of them is red, Attempting to dye my hair brown brought out the red color. At least two months after I tried again and I bleached my hair for the first time. I got my brown hair and my mother still wanted to add the blonde highlights at the crown of my head, I gave in since I just wanted the brown. Despite this new color looking great on my, I had damaged my hair so much with the bleach and the dye that it became thinner and thinner. To make matters worst, I was already curling it non-stop the previous years and continued. Despite the fact that I always used heat protectant, I never took the time to deep condition my hair or apply any natural treatment that would make it stronger. 
Things became a bit worst this past year when I started college. I began a healthy hair journey and brought my hair down to a brown. But leaving to college meant my mom was no longer there to help me care for my hair, and that I would have to go to salons with people that didn't even have a license to do hair or the same commitment as her. As I visited the salon 4 times during my first semester, most of the hair stylist in Rhode Island and Boston cannot blow dry hair for nothing. Every time they do blow dry your hair they go straight to using the flat Iron to make it straight. I have never been a fan of using a flat Iron, and I always told them that I didn't want to. Only two times did I allow them and I was extremely disappointed at how my hair was looking. Even worst was that I always washed my hair weekly and let it air dry and no matter what products I used in it, my hair became more brittle and dehydrated. Despite getting two haircuts it was still looking bad but then I began to look for ways to make it better. 
My Solution

Since my junior year I began to use extensions because I figured that by using the curling Iron on hair that wasn't mine, my natural hair would become less damaged. Because of this I haven't had an issue with split ends, but I needed a solution for my brittle, dehydrated and dry hair. One of the things that has always helped me keep my hair healthy is Drinking Water. It is no lie that drinking 8 cups of water a day keeps your body hydrated but it also helps your metabolism and the circulation of your body. Massaging your scalp is something that also helps with your hair growth, every time you condition your hair not only should you massage the conditioner into your scalp but you should also run your fingers through your hair to detangle it instead of using a comb. Exercise is very important for both your body and your health, and this doesn't mean hitting the gym 24/7 it also means walking for at least 10 minutes a day. If you commit to walking you'll realize how much more better it is than driving or taking the bus, you have time to think for yourself and observe your surroundings for things you probably didn't notice before. 

Some of the new things I've began to do is taking Vitamins such as Biotin and Pre-natals. I stopped taking the Pre-natals because although you don't need to be pregnant to take them, I was uncomfortable with how large they were and just stuck with Biotin. I also began to use the Aussie 3 minute deep conditioner and use it every week and my hair has become significantly more hydrated. I also began to do a Coconut oil and egg Mask I learned about in YouTube from "Andreaschoice". My hair is much more shiny and strong since starting this organic treatment and applying Argan oil gives it "Instant Shine, Smoothness, Frizz Control and Color Protection" (Fine Print). I have learned in the past few months that going Natural is not only Healthy but it gives you significant change. Some other products I began using are the Tresemme split Remedy End Sealing Serum and Leave-in Split-end Conditioning Treatment. Although it may seem like a lot of product for your hair, the change is significant and I am very satisfied. Another thing I began to do with my hair, I stopped straightening it with the Blow Drier. Instead Once I wash my hair and do every treatment I do rollers and get in the hair dryer for 50 to 60 minutes and then apply Argan oil and rock my natural curls. This has proven to be much more better and healthier than using the curling Iron. If I ever use the Flat Iron, it is just to straighten my roots, but this I don't do frequently. 

Since coming back home my hair has significantly changed, it has become longer and stronger. I dyed my ends brown with a semi-permanent in order to remove the highlights that I had previously. My next step will be trying not to shampoo my hair since the Sulfate(Salt) in the shampoo is what causes it to become dry and brittle. I left my roots at its natural Light Black color and have no intentions of altering my hair any time soon. For those of you who haven't even tried touching your hair, TREASURE your natural beauty, it is better to appreciate what you have than trying to attain what you see. 

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