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Located in Mark's place on East Village Manhattan, La Palapa is by far one of the greatest restaurant's I've been too. With a tasty selection of Mexican dishes to choose from, the ambiance of the place will compliment your overall experience. 

Although it is a Mexican Restaurant, you will not find yourself surrounded by the Typical Mexican paintings and striking colors, but spanish music will remind you where you are. And what's a Mexican Fiesta without some drinks? La Palapa's bar has just that, very tasty drinks that will leave you wanting more.

Now I'm not a drinker, but I do like to have a glass once in a while, and while being at the place I had the chance to try the Lime Margarita, which was pleasantly tasteful for a person that just loves the sour taste of lemons. 

I started out with some Taquitos de Carne, which I had never had before but were super delicious. I was so fascinated by the food that I stopped photographing my plates to fully enjoy my food and company.
My second dish was the Enchiladas Fundidas de Carne Asada; now I am not a picky eater, and my main reason for selecting this as my main dish was that it had avocados(which were super delicious), but this was by far the biggest plate of food I have ever gotten. And usually I challenge myself to finish big plates, but I couldn't do it and I wanted to save some room for their tasty desert. However, this plate had a great balance of vegetables, cheeses, meat and Enchiladas; there were various flavors like tomatoes, avocados and many many more, but it's taste twice as good as it sounds. If you're a vegetable lover like I am you would love this dish!
For desert, my great friend and I shared a Pastel Tres Leches  and I must say, it was a very large slice of cake BUT it was so tasty I don't think any kids birthday party I go to will top it. It had the right amount of frosting and a perfect amount of Tres Leches. The cake was kept very moist with the Tres Leches right underneath it, it was perfectly sweet without too much sugar!

While the place is in fact a little pricey (I spent $40) you do get your money's worth with the amount of food in your plate in comparison to much more expensive restaurants. Our waiter Luke was super friendly and made sure we were taken care off all through the night. He told us some great stories and although he had to leave to attend other guest he made sure to periodically stop at our table for a brief chat. 
It is not a really big restaurant, but it's an acceptable size for it's location. It wasn't that noisy either for a Sunday night; but this would definitely be a great place to go for a Birthday or Cinco de MayoCelebration. I certainly can't wait to come back and try more of the other foods on the menu!

Happy Eating!! 

La palapa: 77 St. Marks Pl (between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave) 
New YorkNY 10003
(212) 777-2537

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