Stepping out

Posted by Ana Castillo on Monday, September 6, 2010

I know I haven't been posting in months, However, there is plenty I will be putting up.
However, since this is my final year of High school, I won't be doing much. But I've been
Brainstorming during the past few weeks and hope to start writing a few short stories. They 
will follow up from one of the first stories I wrote. I won't be posting constantly but Once in a while in 
my free time I will follow up. 

 Thanks for all your support, and expect the best. All your comments and Ideas are really inspiring.
Be safe and Remember, We are the change, and we make tomorrow! 

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Yours Truly

Ana Castillo Media Studies Major at Queens College Photographer, Writer and Enthusiast The world is my my book, I edit the pages.
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