I Remember,

Posted by Ana Castillo on Friday, January 3, 2014 Under: Poetry

Those nights I'd think I would never let go.

When his heart was the resident in the presidential suite of my heart.

When my thoughts raced like horse's adrenaline at the end of a race. 

I was stranded, I was one, I was lonely. 

 There's no greater pain, than falling in love.

Specially when that person never even dated you.

They become the dreams you don't want to wake up from.

The reason you don't finish your meals.

The streak of motivation when you just can't seem to keep going.

But then they leave.

Life goes on, and you meet people that were in your shoes.

People who'd been lied to, messed with.

People who don't want to believe its possible anymore.

They don't see that life is a lesson.

Life is pain and suffering.

You must be hurt before you learn to heal.

You must be strong before you can't prevent a steal.

Give chances to get chances. 

Live and let die.

Play a player and serenade a hater.

Silence the wicked by making your life a mystery.

Be merry but also sane. 

Live.. and let die...

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