I Am a Woman

Posted by Ana Castillo on Sunday, December 1, 2013 Under: Poetry

I'm a girl, Men refer to me as a whore. The only way to bring attention to the words that come out my mouth is by leaving little to the imagination. Most of my counterparts have given up on having our voices hold more meaning than our image. I am a toy to the media and an entertainment to men's eyes. He would rather see a picture of me naked on his phone than the diploma I worked hard through the years to earn. Society treats me like I'm worhless and causes many like me to feel worthless. Because of this I feel like having a man by my side will help eliminate those taunts and fears... Why can't I speak? And be listened to? Why do you only look at me when I show what my clothes wont bear? Is not easy being a woman, is not easy being "Perfect" when I don't know what perfect is...

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