How to Enjoy the holidays!

Posted by Ana Castillo on Friday, November 29, 2013 Under: Lifestyle
Throughout the years I've come across so many people that find some type of negativity towards all the holidays; and I'll admit that I was one of them at point. Such comments were; "Valentines day? Why do I need one day out of the year to remind my significant other that I love him?" or "Thanksgiving? I have every other day to be thankful!"

But like the old saying goes, the older you become the wiser. I've learned in the passed few years that you become wiser by listening instead of speaking. I've met a lot of people that actually look forward to these holidays because they spend so much time working endlessly and have nothing to look forward to than getting home to dinner and some sleep to wake up with some energy to take on the next day.

I've been feeling the same way as of lately, because my internship requires me to be up at three in the morning, out the door by four, to be in at five, and then rushing home to get some sleep once I'm done in order to build up energy for my night classes. And it has gotten much harder since I started therapy for my spinal chord and neck after finding out they were fractured from and incident I had as a kid. 

Every time I stop by a business to buy food among these rushed adventures, I make conversation with the people that work on these businesses. I ask them about their position, how long they've been working there, if they like it or not and what is it that motivates them to work so hard long hours of the night or even the whole day. I have the same answer from all, they have no choice, because it is what gets them through life.

But let me step back to what I was originally talking about, The Holidays!

The truth is, when your so busy with life, sometimes you forget to do the things these holidays are designed for; and even if you remember to do them one day, there's no guarantee it will become a habit. So the first thing you should be thankful for is the fact that we even have a calendar. 
  • Lets face it: You don't really need Facebook to remind you of a birthday if you have a smartphone, if you cared that much you'd save it, but the reality is, you "don't have time" or better yet what I like to say "use your time for it"
Some of these hardworking people I've met have to work during the Holidays, and making it home on time to be with their family means the world to them. So before you get upset that you didn't get the present you wanted, make sure you keep in mind the hours it took for your loved one to make the money for it and make time to see you open it and make sure you appreciate it.

That's really what a holiday is for, there's no math into it or science. Do not criticize it, if you don't have someone to enjoy it with, you're not alone. There's many of us that would appreciate simply being in the same room with our family even if its just a few hours! 

With all that said; Happy Holidays!

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