Homemade Meal Challenge!

Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Under: Food

In an effort to get myself out of the habit of eating in the streets and increasing my skills in cooking I decided to make a new challenge (And of course your welcome to follow). I will find 7 recipes, one for each day of the week, and it will either be a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. I will write all ingredients and instructions in a brand new journal and at the end of each write a shopping list for the weekend. This way each day I will make sure each meal gets done and by the end of the week I will start with 7 new recipes. My goal at the end is to have a personal book with all the meals that I like and have mastered cooking. 

To make things more interesting, I will reflect at the end of the week on which meals I loved and which I will pass on. 

Take the challenge and pass it on if you like, I will try my best to share these recipes with you! 

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