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Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Under: Lifestyle

Along with my fitness journey I also started a healthy hair journey. I only used deva curl products for the same 4 months of my fitness journey along with NO HEAT or straightening my hair. The transition was hard at first, but its now been a year and I find it extremely hard to want my hair straight.

I love my curly hair because it is extremely healthy. My day one picture is on the top right [summer 2012]: 
My hair was very dry and brittle. I had a lot of split ends, and all the hair dye I had caused my hair dehydration.

My curls did not shrink to their ideal size and some strands of hair wouldn’t even curl. When I was younger, every time I washed my hair and let it air dry it would shrink to a shoulder length. Due to all the chemical processing and heat this was no longer the case.

Now my hair has restored its natural stage, my curls are super bouncy and the length is a great compliment to the journey. I never bothered to grow my hair in high school because I knew it wouldn’t be thick. Now I’ve gotten all this and more!

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