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Posted by Ana Castillo on Monday, September 12, 2011 Under: Blog
I've heard it many times
Heard it when I moved to America a month after the towers fell
When I entered middle school, High school and now college.
The phrase is intended to be a joke, but why is this humorous?

I mean whose land is this anyway?
It was discovered by accident by Christopher Columbus
Shouldn't the Native Americans be saying this to me?
I walk the soil of this land like everyone else
I serve the community, and I continue to educate myself
So why is such a joke used towards me, better yet, anyone

There is a difference between Respect and Comfort 
We all inhabit the same planet and share the same resources
But that show's how ignorant the world is.
If one day our planet is destroyed, we won't all die with it
Some will try to flee, others will try to lament within its realms

But no matter these comments, I love my roots
I love my 5 senses and I love the fact that I can use them to see all I see
To hear, smell, touch and taste the goods and the bad that is not only here but everywhere
I'm not an American, I'm not a Dominican 
I'm from Planet earth, if that means Planetarian then let it be! 

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