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Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Under: Fitness

This is my first fitness log from 2012

From day one to week 3.
I started eating healthy and going to the gym everyday for at least 2 hours.

Week 6
At this point i was already adapted to working out daily although Its not recommended. 
I was loosing a few pounds but didn’t track it because my goal wasn’t to loose weight but to become fit.
Something that I noticed while making healthier choices is that your body responds different depending on where the food you eat comes from.
Although I was eating Organic Food on a daily basis, I wasn’t preparing my meals, my college was. Although they claimed their ingredients came straight from the farm and the food wasn’t processed, it wasn’t 100% true. 
For some reason their food caused me to bloat a lot. Because of this I felt like I wasn’t making progress when in reality I was. I ended up loosing more weight than I intended, dropping 2 pant sizes, and although I tried to gain it back its barely noticeable. 
But because I worked out for 4 months straight, its been easier for me to get back into my fitness. It is august again, and its been a year, this time I will not stop because I know I will get to where I want to be!

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