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"He's Just another picture to burn"- Taylor Swift.

And when I'm gone 
who will you turn to?
When I'm gone, far ahead.

When the river has flushed away all my tears
When I no longer seek a hero in a man
Where will you be?

If I crawl under your attitude
Becoming part of your being
What will you do?

Am I far ahead by saying.
That I see that your okay.
That although I'm not around
You seem to strive in success!
How should I take that?

If it is not me that you loved
But the one you said I love you to
Who do you really love?

And then every time I try
Every time I succeed
I think of you.
What have you done to me?

It can be a pain
scar, scratch, burn, flu
Where am I? 
That girl, does she live?

You buried her with the lamentations
Of the disappointments from her great expectations.
She's gone, now she sleeps
She's gone.

And there in the fireplace
Burns the picture 
The picture of the day.  

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