End of the first Chapter

Posted by Ana Castillo on Saturday, May 14, 2011
This was High school, a place where you develop all types of freedoms, meet all sorts of people all to remind you that one day it will no longer matter. You learn that life is full of mistakes, full of disappointments, lust and ambitions; Most importantly that you will never figure out what you wan't because your constantly changing with time. Sometimes your that person who stays away from the danger, or the one that's always humble and discipline. But your just there to remind everyone that nothing last forever. 
  I end this chapter of my life in happiness, because it was all a long journey. And the most important part is that the things I decided I no longer care about, I truly don't. I learned to love, be loved and say the word love, but that's just the premature meaning of what life is really about. So with peace and serenity I say farewell to the ignorant days I had and the undecided risk free decisions I've made. Life Is about moving on, making new and Improving, not falling back.

The heart remains a frozen stone since it was last frozen….

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Yours Truly

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