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Posted by Ana Castillo on Friday, June 20, 2014 Under: Lifestyle
Although since going natural two-years ago my hair has improved significantly, there is still one problem that remains; dryness. If your hair is naturally curly, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Curly hair lacks a lot of moisture and you must always keep it hydrated by using the right products that contain no sulfate or other damaging ingredients. Shopping for hair products is like shopping for food at the market, you should ALWAYS read the label. 

I have tried numerous ways to retain moisture in my hair, primarily using organic products or homemade recipes. While doing the inversion method my hair retained a lot of moisture but once I stopped it went back it to being dry. Now I have found a new product to try out, the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep recovery Hair Mask, although I haven't tried this product, I am hoping to see great results. 

This product promises to be good particularly for dry or Over-processed hair using three naturally derived extracts to moisture hair strands from center to surface. The Olive penetrate to the center, the medowfoam seed helps moisture the middle and the sweet almost wraps the surface.*** 

One thing that I have found good when buying new products is to just buy one, not all. In other words, sometimes products bring 3-steps: Shampoo, Conditioning and hair mask, etc. But it is always best to know the condition of your hair and satisfy its needs. Another thing is, don't be too stingy and save money for the hair salon. Find a hair stylist that knows what she is doing or ask your friends for recommendations on who to go to. If the health of your hair is really important, then you shouldn't complain for high prices because eating everyday is also expensive.

***: This description is straight from the product.   

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