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Posted by Ana Castillo on Sunday, November 2, 2014 Under: Activism
  On October 12th of the past month, I was given the opportunity to take part in the Cure Search for Children's Cancer walk. I was asked to do something I never do, Dress up!. 
 So for this lovely afternoon event, I had the opportunity to hear the voices of young children who have survived cancer and of those who have lost their dearest friends to cancer. It is important to recognize one thing, everyone in this world is in need of help in many different ways. Even if you don't have the money to provide the aid, make sure to give a helping hand and provide a very sincere smile. 
It is very inspiring to see kids this young still striving and motivating one another to keep fighting. If they can unite and have one eventful day full of cheers and laughters, so can we as adults. We need to start worrying about the change instead of what we are doing to make it happen. A walk may seem meaningless to you, but to the child waiting for someone to become aware of their illness it means the world. 
So my point is, don't put down the people who are trying to raise awareness by doing something as pouring water on themselves. If you are not comfortable doing what they did, then find your own way but just remember the means of the movement, the action will be worth the change.

Here are some photos, visit the Cure Search Website to learn more:

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