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Here's my observation:

I wake up 

My skin is brown.

I work out, 

Shower, get a massage.

Almost drown, 

Almost Choke.


Still brown.

I have color.


Here's my argument:

I’m not only brown, I’m beautiful.

Dark and beautiful.

Like chocolate, caramel and cinnamon.


But, there are people 

who think it isn't.

"She's dark!"



So because I'm dark

I'm ghetto

I will steal your money 

Take Your purse without a gun

Talk without manners

Curse after every word 

Put my elbows on the table

Have a criminal record.

That's Color!


But wait,

I also make a contribution

To your institution

I help you lie about how many of me there are 

Doesn't that give you money?



Why do you put on this show?

Why do you act like you like me?

I take a look into your eyes and I see lies.

Behind closed doors,

You talk about me and how much you hate me.

How I disgust you.

All because... I have color.

Stop hating on me

Maybe for once  you should stop thinking 

About yourself.



If you have a problem

I have 2 working ears

20/20 Vision

Hands and feet

I can go on

But don't think I’m oblivious

I know everything you say.

I know a lot of racist people.

I can be one myself.


Don't tell people to go back to their country.

You disrespect their color

You disrespect their culture

You disrespect their background

And you disrespect their life



shut up!

I don't wanna hear it!

I don't wanna hear your reasons for judging others 

I don't want you to be nice to me because I have color

I want you to be nice to me because I'm a nice person

Because me, a person of color

Gives back to the world 

Helps without a price

Listens to those who want to be heard

Brings you food if your starving

Without a care about your color.

But you wouldn't guess that would you?

Just make assumptions 

Because of what you see on TV

Because I have color.

You don’t know the struggles I’ve been through

You don’t know the people I’ve lost

You don’t know

The hours of crying I’ve held back

Because people like you

Judge me on my color 

You think black people steal and kill

Hispanics work in farms and steal your jobs

Muslims will blow up the country.

White people abuse heroin and are all a bunch of racists


Nothing is true 

Not for everybody

If your gonna go through life labeling people

You should know your barcodes

Shouting behind closed doors

Doesn’t mean we can’t hear you

We will hear 

And we will shout back!


I will face you

I will hunt you 

I won't ever disappoint you 

I will come straight to your face

End this long pathetic game

And you know what I will say?


Is it not enough,

That I stand here before you?

Just like a man of color did,

Not even a century ago.

Just for equality.

My color makes me.

We should not have to fight to be accepted.

This world is not black and white

This world is made of color

Each color separate but each beautiful.

We will not be muted or erased

This world I live in

This world of color.

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