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Posted by Ana Castillo on Sunday, July 26, 2015 Under: Blog

There are tags underneath our membranes. Although our mind controls the way our body behaves, we tend to become a slave to it. As I grow older, I continually notice that everyday is at war, against our conscious. Most people don’t realize how amazing it is that we can constantly work against our desires to accomplish what we need to get done.

            In a matter of days, you can change your personality and the whole world will notice. Experience helps you develop some sort of immunity to the things that cause you pain. But this pain never really stops.

            At least once a week, I pay a visit to nature. I turn off my headphones and observe my surroundings. I listen to my thoughts as I walk and how they shift from one situation to another. I aim to have a better understanding of myself but this doesn’t translate outwardly.

            This shift I speak off cannot be controlled, when you listen to these thoughts, you don’t really get a sense of anything. What you do hear is chaos. It is worries underneath happiness accompanied by truths wanting to be spoken. Memories of pains that know the way out but refuse to take it. Relinquished angers that never seem to sober up despite your desire to leave them behind.

One question remains, when does it all get better?

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