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Posted by Ana Castillo on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Under: Lifestyle
Do you find yourself trapped around a lot of negativity? Do you sometimes feel like everything "Bad" happens to you? Well, I have some tips that can make your day go a little smoother. It may seem like common sense, but sometimes you have to catch yourself when you have pessimism around you. 

Here's a scenario that may cause you to be angry:
Your on the train on the way to school, work or Home (Whatever the case), the service is backed up and there is a person claiming to be in the need of help, performing a song or a dance (whatever it is) begging for money while the train has stopped.
Your solution at the moment:
Chances are that at this point you are a. Infuriated, b. Dying to get to your destination or c. Willing to punch the train driver and c. Pretty close to telling that one person to shut up

Suggested Solution
I take the train everyday to school and work and I know what is like to deal with these problems, heck I always see the same people begging for money at the same time of the day saying the exact same lines as the previous times I saw them (Don't be fooled). There is no telling when the train service will disappoint you, so the best thing to do is be prepared. Before leaving my house, I always used an app called "Next Stop" to know the status for the train. It has advisories and schedules along with the map of the train. ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD!
Along with this App, I also use the Google Maps App so that I can know other possible routes to take if the service I'm taking were to fail me. I remember I used to always take the 4 train to my morning class earlier this year and would either miss the whole class and be an hour late, as a result I switched to taking the bus everyday. The change? I had to leave and hour earlier to be on time. The benefit? I didn't have to deal with beggars on the train, I would read and do homework while on the bus and it worked perfect in killing time, I was at my destination in no time and didn't feel like I was on the bus forever. 

If your angry at the Bus or Train driver, take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. You may not want to be there, but they have to be there EVERYDAY and frankly they must hate the delays twice as much as you do because that's out of their control. Instead of being angry at them, thank them for their service. Say "Good Morning" before you hop on the bus to swipe the Metro card and "Thank you" when you get off. It will make all the difference and if you take that same bus everyday they will remember your face and make nice conversation (They may even let you slide if you ever forget your metro card). Every act of kindness is rewarded with kindness, everyone loves it when someone else is nice to them. 

And to those people begin money, don't even waste your time. Half the stories I hear are people who have simply given up. Think of yourself, have you ever had an issue and just completely gave up? Did you go out on the street to ask people for help? or did you reach out to a person who's job it is to help you? When I was in 8th Grade, my teacher suggested for all of us to never give money to people on the streets when we went out on field trips because most of the time they use it for drugs. And yes many of them say it is not for drugs but don't be fooled. Your parents didn't get you were you are now by begging for money, they made sacrifices and worked hard, the best thing you can give those people is advice.
Optimism comes from the self, if a certain act of kindness makes you happy, "give". Life works in a process of Karma and when you do good, you will live good. Be "happy" and "Live" happy. Smile with your heart, not only your mouth. Count to 10 when your mad or simply walk away from the situation. Picture "Anger" to be the bully in the school, the person everyone hates and wants to be far away from. Anger is the same way and causes the same thing, so be happy and live happy and you will find your life moving along a lot smoother! 

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