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"Don't spend your time on and give your heart to any guy who makes you wonder about anything related to his feelings for you."_ Greg Behrendt (He's Just not that into you [2009])
Bad boys are different from one girl to another, but the one thing they all have in common is that they do not cherish or realize the feelings that you have for them. The problem with love is that you are never your lover's first love, and if you are, they are not your first love. It is rare to find a couple that instantly fell in love with each other before loving anyone else. A man that lets go of a good woman is not yet a man, he still a boy. So when your out there looking for a man, make sure he is not a boy.

The first stage is always the same, your happy beyond words and your listening to all this music that livens up the smile in your face and heart. But this is what blinds you, sometimes you have to take notice of things that you do to yourself, things that only bring you harm. What makes you happy? You don't need to tell him that because it is up to you to fulfill that happiness, otherwise your going to depend on him for happiness. 

    Dependence is the beginning of sadness, specially when you start to uncover things you didn't know. The best thing to do is not ask questions, a guy's past shouldn't matter to you if you want to be in his future. It is what is on the present that matters and if it is you, then you have to water your garden to make your flowers bloom. 
    In reality, boys are not bad, they are as afraid as you. Sometimes they side with the thoughts of other guys in order to feel more confident in their way of thinking or just to appeal to their "manliness". For example, did you see the way Cedric (Kevin Hart) behaved in the movie "Think like a man" when Gail (Wendy Williams) took him back? He left his boys hanging and ran back to his woman, after he spent the entire movie saying he did not need her. It is not to say that a man would go to the same extent Cedric did in admitting he missed Gail (Very humorous to say the least) but he does care. Sometimes the best way to show a man he needs you in his life is by not showing him at all.
    Any man that makes you cry is not worthy of your love. A man makes you cry once, and then looks within himself to realize what he has done. He makes sure it does not happen again because if your happy, he's happy. A boy makes stupid excuses as to why he hurts you, and then does it again, and again. If your a lady, you shouldn't let a boy fool you. 
    A father doesn't pack an extra sandwich in his son's lunchbox so that he can hide one from the bully when he's attacked in the lunchroom. He teaches him to man up and protect what is his so no one else will take it and destroy it. If you don't feel protected, if he can care less about you, then why do you care so much? Why do you still stick around to promises that are only bigger in your head than in real words?
    Take a moment to listen to the lyrics to every song you can think of that's about love. Rappers write about love too, they just make a dirty version and take out all the cutesy stuff that pop songs add to it. The genre makes no difference, it is the content. The mistake we all make is that when we fall in love we disconnect our heart and our brain from one another. We don't separate love from life, we stop doing what we love to do, to make that person happy. You should never stop being yourself for anyone's love, that's what makes them fall in love with you in the first place. Your 24-hour schedule should not be your husband, wife, girlfriend, etc. Do your hobbies, make plans with friends, do what you normally do, because at the end of the day your love will still be there. 

    If you don't know what you want in a man than maybe you should find a man that makes you believe he's everything you want in a man. And understand that sometimes, men need to reassure themselves that you are what they want in their life. He may not say right away that he really likes you because he wants to keep looking out there to see if there is something better. Or maybe he was hurt and he's not ready to move on. Nevertheless, you should do the same and if the case is that there issomething better then let it be so. But if you are really meant to be then you will find your way back to each other. 
    Lastly, don't make anybody pay for the mistake somebody else did. For the way anyone else hurt you, it is not their fault and you are not being fair to them. Like I said before, your heart must be separated from your brain and when your thinking logically you will realize why it is unfair. The only time your brain and your heart should be one is when you are with that person you are truly in love with. Nothing else should matter, not the opinions of others, the amount of likes your pictures just go on instagram or the amount of retweets you got on twitter. When you love, love freely, and if your going to blind your romance, make sure you do it to the world and not the person you LOVE.

Do to others as you will have them do to you (Golden Rule).
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