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There is absolutely now way to understand why any women would stay with a man that mistreats or demeanors her.
Before any women can love a men, she must first love herself.
Otherwise she will be miserable. Two wrongs don't make a right, that only happens in math.

You see, a women's confidence starts out high.
Through the passage of time, as she becomes older, there are aspects in life that she may not be able to handle.
An example of this is bullying. I was bullied from the age of 9 when I moved to America all the way until the end of high school.
What people don't notice is that the things they say and do have the capability of internally hurting somebody in such a way that may not even be visible. 
One of the first things that parent's forget to teach their children is to respect.

In my country, not only did our parents beat us but also our teachers. That is something that is frowned upon in this country. However, it is the way that this behavior is carried that makes it appear as a bad thing.
No matter how often you hit a kid, at one point it will stop hurting, and they may themselves tease you when you try to hurt them.
But one thing I did learn was to respect from that. When I lived the world through that perspective I realized that the only way I wouldn't get beaten is if I kept my mouth shut when I was told that something was wrong and not to do it again.

By the time I realized this, I began to mature, simply because I started listening to the things my elders had to say.
They mixed their thinking with religion, and said that disrespect will lead you to hell. There was no talk of Santa clause or the Tooth Fairy. These imaginary people are what create disappointment amongst the youth, which teaches them the invention of lying.

But going back to my point, when I was bullied, both physically and electronically, I ignored most of the things that were said to me. I stayed shut when I was screamed at because I knew I had to right to lay my hands on any child I didn't bear. But if the case was they were hitting me, things would be much different, thankfully this didn't happen. 
Parent's often encourage their children to defend themselves with violence, I learned to rely on my authoritative figures.

Women that allow men to degrade them are degrading themselves by lowering their standards. Just because a men broke your heart doesn't mean your worthless. You will not attain otherwise by going back to him, he who hurts once will do it again. 

But there is no solution for this. As long as women concern themselves with their appearance and the way people judge them, this will all remain the same. Fears will not be faced, threads will not be challenged and sins will not be reported.  

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