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Written: February 9, 2010
Her eyes are mysterious
Her look hypnotizes
Her lips are as red as the pedals of a rose
As she walks, everything turns into perfection.

There's no other woman that compares to her.
She's full of bliss and harmony.
but her stare is deceitful.
you cannot trust what you see.
For beauty is what makes us weak.

Her lips, make the world tremble
As though blood ran through the pipes of the darkest cities
Her skin is pale, yet... the blend of colors
makes her hard to resist
Her eyes, their bold
A strong look that can make the strongest man feel weak.

Her body is as sacred as a coliseum
The stare from afar brings the sight of terror and violence
She's every man's reason to love.
Every inch of the desire builds up from one look at her.
She's never been seen before
A character of life that is hard to find
But; finding her means finding the solution to what the world has cost.
Her mind of intelligence makes the world unite.

Not even the 7 seas can keep her from making the world become one.
She's the reason to love and the purpose to creating what a human really is. 

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