A House divided

Posted by Ana Castillo on Sunday, June 19, 2011
Life is not meant to be understood
Yet, we're willing to spend a lifetime attempting
and waste a century without the answer.

 Standing up on the balcony of the place she once called home
Until this point, rain drops no longer dripped from the clouds in the outside
Shattered darkness, broken glasses, Noises out the window
Tormenting silence, showers of tears
Questions, why the worst memories overpower the better ones
Wishing rebirth, That was the miracle that brought them together.
Walks through calm rivers, observing the waves of the ocean 
It doesn't erase the fear of going through this experience
Standing alone in this place, A ray of thunder once shattered into two
Two hemispheres with different desires
That of a Republican and a Democrat
A compromise can be made, 
The desire for power pain this ability

Hunger of knowledge
Searching for love, to forget this memory
Create a new one, Where's the possibility?
A first cannot be held tightly for so long
Pain derives through the veins. Tears.
Is not the solution that causes pain, Always the problem
Liberty is the hunger
The ends meet the ignitions 
 Life Starts again
Running away wouldn't make it possible

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